Best Battle Rope Exercises

Battle rope exercises may not be the most popular workout currently, but they’re a scientifically proven way to get in shape. The heavy weight and thick fabric of these elastic cords will make you work for every single throw—between 8-12 total reps per set! And with 100+ degrees Fahrenheit heat during some workouts? It's time we gave this oldie yet another go.

Battle ropes are an excellent way to work your muscles at a high intensity. Battle rope exercises will not only increase the amount of calories you burn during exercise but they also provide functional training for different body parts since each hit on these equipment targets specific muscle groups! Here is our list with favorite battle-oriented moves.

Lateral Whip:
With your elbows slightly bent, bring the ropes up as if doing a lateral Raise. Keep those thumbs pointed forward and whip them downward at speed.
Battle Rope Waves:
The next time you feel like getting a good sweat going, try out this great exercise. Start by keeping your entire body still and wave the ropes fast as possible while focusing on high reps or amplitudes--it’ll prime those muscles for whatever comes after! 

Outside Spiral:
In order to get a good stretch, start with your arms at shoulder width and make outward circles by moving them like corkscrews. You'll work those shoulders as well as rotator cuff muscles!

Jumping Slam:
Take a peak at this! Now imagine you're still up there, high above the ground. The feel of rope against your skin is incredible as it slices through air with every swing- ready for another go now that we know what to do... This might be one our favorite parts because not only does sheer momentum send us soaring towards earth but also how much fun getting back down can be once things start slowing down again :)

Lying T:
Get in the T-shape. Then move your arms up and down as if you are preparing for take off! This will work out all of those lower back muscles like crazy, which is great because we know how much stress they can withstand sometimes without proper care or maintenance from ourselves (or our poor little spines).

Alternating Rope Whips:
While standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold a battle rope in each hand. Move the ropes up and down one at time as if making waves by moving them quickly while maintaining smoothness throughout this action!

Wrestler Throws:
When performing this exercise, imagine you are throwing a rope to the floor. With both hands griping one end each in an overhand style and leaving about six inches between your hands as if measuring for length before winding it back on itself tightly like threading beads onto cord- use all momentum from shoulders down while turning slightly left or right depending which way feels more natural! One should always try his/her hardest during these exercises because no matter how easy they may seem at first glance there is still much strength required.

Lunge Slam:
While holding two ropes in each hand, raise your arms and slam them down as hard onto the ground on one side of you while lunging towards that same direction. Repeat for alternate sides!

battle rope exercises

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