Benefits of Battle Ropes

 1. They Burn Fat

In a recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, it was found that just 10 minutes swinging an actual battle rope burns 112 calories! This is thanks to both high heart rate as well energy expenditure which goes up even more with use during intense workouts like HIIT.

2. They Tone Muscles

Battle ropes are a unique weapon in the arsenal of any athlete. They work muscles that often go ignored by traditional training routines, which can lead to weakness and injury elsewhere on your body! Battle Ropes allow you not only lift weights or run faster but also learn new fighting skills without leaving home-and they're great fun too! 

3. They Improve Mobility

Battle ropes are a fantastic way to improve your mobility, and they can even help you recover from an injury more quickly. The increased range of motion that battle rope training provides will make it easier for the rest of your body move around as well! 

4. Safe 

The dual force dynamic effect of gravity and rope waves creates stability in both the upper as well lower body. This improves physiological responses to loads, making injuries less likely over time because your body adapts! 

5. Fun & Effective

Battle ropes are a great way to keep your workouts interesting, and they’re also fun! The game-like nature of battle rope training makes it easier for you not only focus on what's going in front but also behind the scenes. You'll find yourself getting more out if each repetition since there isn't any room left over that could be wasted thinking about how tired or bored one feels while doing them.


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